COSCO SHIPPING Lines Turkey Co., Ltd. established after integrating of COSCO SHIPPING and CHINA SHIPPING. Headquarter is located in Istanbul with branches in Izmir, Mersin, Bursa and Iskenderun with over 100 employees to serve better service to our valuable customers.

Our Services: COSCO SHIPPING Lines Turkey Co., Ltd is responsible for all day-to-day functions of COSCO SHIPPING Lines including our primary objectives marketing, sales, booking, container management and documentation. In addition, the agency provides overall vessel husbanding services for all COSCO SHIPPING vessels entering Turkish ports and transiting Turkish Straits.

Our Routes: Our Core Direct Services connect Turkey with other countries.

GEM Service: Weekly direct service from Istanbul, Izmit,Izmır,Mersin and Iskenderun to Arabian Gulf and Red Sea Ports.

BEX Service:  Weekly direct service from Istanbul, Izmit ,Izmır and Mersin to Far Eastern Ports (Chinese Ports, Malaysian Ports, Korean Ports)

AGT Service: Weekly direct service from Istanbul, Izmit and Izmır to Adriatic Country Ports.

NET Service: New and faster weekly direct service from Kumport,Yılport and Izmir to main North West Continents Ports ( Felixstowe, Hamburg, Antwerp )

TBS Service: Weekly direct service connects Kumport with Piraeus and Thessaloniki on South Bound Leg additional to Black Sea Ports (Novorossiysk, Constanta, Varna).

We also serve from Gemlik by feeder vessel via Kumport and Pireaus, which links West Anatolian cities with other global countries. Mersin and Iskenderun also supported by additional feeder services.