Nis 13

April 13th , 2016

To staff members of  China Shipping (Turkey) Agency Co., Ltd.


On March 1st, COSCON and CSCL signed a series of leasing contracts of container ships and containers, starting the integration of the two companies.

During the past month, COSCON reorganized its headquarter in Shanghai and integrated the network in China. COSCON communicated with its customers, partners and all the parties related of the changes, and the transaction was smoothly. From April 13th , the integration of the global network including Europe and its neighboring regions will commence with the aim of optimizing the process and providing better services to our customers.

For the time being, options are going to be considered for achieving one integrated organization also in your country. Employees and employee’s representatives will be informed and consulted subject to local laws. Further, integration team will be appointed locally to ensure a seamless integration and to take care of all stakeholders involved.

We are confident that the integration of the global network will greatly improve overall performance and efficiency of COSCON and the new company will also be able to provide superior and value-added service to our customers. We will maintain best service quality and business continuity during the integration period. Any changes and updates will be communicated upfront.

Shall any developments about the integration program, we will keep you posted duly. Any questions/inquiries regarding the integration, please contact your local manager who will follow up with the person responsible and reply ASAP.

Thank you for your support, as always.


China Shipping (Turkey) Agency Co., Ltd.